Fujitsu FRAM 4K Bit MB85RC04V

Fujitsu FRAM 4K Bit MB85RC04V

Column:Industry News Time:2022-06-24
Fujitsu FRAM 4K Bit MB85RC04V

Fujitsu's model MB85RC04V is a FRAM chip with a bit width of 512 words x 8 bits. It uses ferroelectric technology and silicon-gate CMOS technology to form non-volatile memory cells. Unlike SRAM, MB85RC04V is able to retain data without using a data backup battery. The read/write life of the non-volatile memory cells used by the MB85RC04V is increased to at least 1012 cycles, which is significantly better than other non-volatile memory products in quantity. The MB85RC04V ferroelectric memory does not require a polling sequence after writing to the memory, as is the case with flash memory or E2PROM.


• Bit configuration: 512 words x 8 bits

• Two-Wire Serial Interface: Fully controlled by two ports: Serial Clock (SCL) and Serial Data (SDA).

• Operating frequency: 1MHz (max)

• Read/Write Endurance: 1012 times/byte

• Data retention: 10 years (+85°C), 95 years (+55°C), over 200 years (+35°C)

• Operating supply voltage: 3.0V to 5.5V

• Low power consumption: working power supply current 90μA (Typ@1MHz), standby current 5μA (typ.)

• Operating ambient temperature range: −40°C to +85°C

• Package: 8-SOP RoHS Compliant

I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit)

The MB85RC04V has a two-wire serial interface; I2C bus, which operates as a slave device. The I2C bus defines the communication roles of "master" and "slave" devices, and the master has the authority to initiate control. Additionally, I2C bus connections are possible where a single master device is connected to multiple slave devices in a grouped configuration. In this case, the slave device needs to be assigned a unique device address, and the master device starts communication after specifying the slave device to communicate through the address.

FRAM is a non-volatile ferroelectric memory because it combines the advantages of ram and non-volatile memory. Write advantages over flash/EEPROM and non-volatility make it ideal for storing data in the event of a power outage. Features high read and write endurance and fast write speeds.

Fujitsu FRAM 4K Bit MB85RC04V