4G Module ME909s-821AP V2

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4G Module ME909s-821AP V2

• ME909S-821AP V2 is a high-quality 4G module based on Hisilicon balong711 platform

• Wide applicable temperature range, strong anti electromagnetic interference ability, good consistency of signal transmission power, high sensitivity and strong reliability. Superior performance can meet various harsh service environments

Application scenario

It is suitable for industrial router, energy and power, security monitoring and other industries

Product characteristics

Reliable and safe

• wide temperature range: - 40 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃ • datalock mechanism prevents illegal user access

Strong and simple signal

• high signal sensitivity, more than the sensitivity margin required by 3GPP • simple sleep wake-up mechanism

• good consistency of transmission power (target power ± 1.5dB) • simple system design

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