5G Module MH5000-871 V1R2

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5G Module MH5000-871 V1R2

• High-quality 5g + v2x + AP three in one open CPU module based on Hisilicon balong5000 platform

• with v2x function

• open open CPU architecture

• meet IATF 16949

• wide temperature range, strong anti electromagnetic interference ability, high signal sensitivity

Application scenario

Widely used in vehicle terminal, vehicle control unit, ADAS, router, security monitoring, smart energy and other industries

Product characteristics

Reliable and safe

• meet GB / T 28046 and ISO 16750 • safe start

• wide temperature range: - 40 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃ • datalock mechanism prevents illegal user access

• micro kernel supports TrustZone

Strong and simple signal

• DL up to 2gbps, UL up to 230mbps • high performance dual core A73 application processor

• high performance dual core A73 application processor • simple system design

• API interface is simple and easy to use

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