Huawei takes the communication module as an opportunity to join hands with jindingtai to apply the Internet of things technology wider and farther

Column:Company News Time:2020-05-12
Shenzhen Kingdom-tech Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "jindingtai") has long cooperated with Huawei in 4G communication module and devoted itself to developing 4G on-board T-box products.


With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, the user experience of traditional cars has been unable to meet the corresponding needs. Shenzhen jindingtai Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "jindingtai") has long cooperated with Huawei in 4G communication module and devoted itself to developing 4G on-board T-box products. Based on the harsh requirements of vehicle specification products on reliability, working temperature and anti-interference, it realizes 4G remote wireless communication, GNSS satellite positioning Acceleration sensing, can communication and other functions, so as to realize various online applications such as vehicle remote monitoring, remote control, safety monitoring and alarm, remote diagnosis and so on.

Internet of vehicles - making cars more intelligent

The on-board T-box developed by jindingtai based on Huawei's 4G on-board module can well meet the needs of many parties in the car, from the underlying hardware to cloud services, and then to resource allocation. It is mainly reflected in the following three functions:

Remote control function: you can remotely lift and lock windows, remotely control skylights, remotely control rearview mirror folding, remotely control air conditioning, etc. through mobile app. For example, car owners can use the remote start function to warm up the car in winter, and the remote engine shutdown function can be used when the vehicle is stolen; For another example, when the owner forgets the key in the car, or is not sure whether the door is locked but has gone far, he can remotely control the unlocking and locking through the mobile app.

Remote query function: it can diagnose vehicle faults and query vehicle conditions remotely through mobile phone. When the vehicle is stationary, the diagnosis results can be read through the app, and then the diagnosis results can be read through the app.

Security service function: this item is mainly designed for driving safety and anti-theft, including roadside rescue assistance, emergency rescue help, automatic alarm of vehicle changes, remote automatic upload of vehicle abnormal information and other services. These functions are of great significance and can even save lives at critical moments. For example, the collision automatic rescue function, when the vehicle collision triggers the airbag, the on-board T-box will automatically trigger the passenger car user rescue hotline number, automatically upload the vehicle location information to the background, and the background will send the information to all emergency contacts. The SMS contains the accident location information and event information, so that the accident vehicles and personnel can be rescued in time.

In view of the above various humanized designs, the on-board T-box has not only become the standard configuration of new energy vehicles, but also become the darling of medium and high-end vehicles and aftermarket. More and more terminal operators add personalized needs on the basis of on-board T-box to make it more competitive in the market.

As we all know, the application environment of automotive communication products is complex and the requirements for reliability are very high. If the adopted parts, especially the core parts, fail to meet the standards of vehicle specification level, it will produce a very large after-sales cost. The core communication component of vehicle T-box is the communication module. Among many 4G module brands, jindingtai selected Huawei 4G vehicle module with excellent reliable performance through layer by layer screening and testing and verification by various means. The T-box equipped with Huawei 4G vehicle module developed by jindingtai has passed the rigorous test of various automobile manufacturers, passed five passes and cut six generals, and finally was highly recognized by the market.

IOT Internet of things - making cities and homes safer

As a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the application of Internet of things technology, jindingtai has also worked in the field of Internet of things for many years. Based on Huawei's 4G industrial module, jindingtai launched a representative product IOT smart smoke detector closely related to human life safety. We know that in recent years, urban fires have occurred frequently, causing heavy losses to people's lives and property. However, there are many pain points in the current fire protection industry, such as untimely handling of fault alarm, inadequate monitoring of fire hazard places, difficult maintenance and management of fire protection equipment, great difficulty in fire fighting and rescue, etc. The traditional networked smoke detectors and independent smoke detectors have numerous locks, high maintenance cost, imperfect alarm information and many limitations, resulting in unsatisfactory fire prevention.

Jindingtai combines IOT Internet of things technology with traditional smoke sensing to launch IOT smart smoke sensing. It uses a large number of Huawei 4G industrial modules to process IOT data in real time. At the same time, it also provides customers with systematic comprehensive alarm scheme, new service channels and value-added services, so as to bring more value to the society. Jindingtai IOT smart smoke detector equipped with Huawei 4G industrial module has unparalleled highlights of traditional smoke detector:

High reliability: the network deployment reduces the intermediate communication links, directly accesses the Internet in one hop, reduces the failure probability and improves the transmission reliability. There is no need for the equipment manufacturer to have the ability of wireless network regulation and free of network maintenance.

High security: the adopted operator network is based on authorized spectrum networking, which can reach carrier level, high reliability and anti-interference. The three-layer security scheme of network layer, transmission layer and application layer based on 3GPP standard can better ensure the security of Internet of things terminals and data.

Deep coverage: achieve higher coverage gain than GSM and greatly improve the coverage capacity, even in places where signals are difficult to reach, such as underground garage, basement, underground pipeline and so on.

Low power consumption: the standby time of the battery can be more than 5 years, so there is no need to replace the battery frequently and reduce the maintenance cost.

Perceptible: it can remotely and independently monitor each smoke detector, periodically report the smoke status, and remotely configure and diagnose smoke and communication problems.

Easy installation: no wiring and power supply, plug and play, simple installation and online debugging, and the deployment cost is reduced by more than 90%.

Fire protection is directly related to the safety of people's lives and property. It is not allowed to be careless. High stability is the primary condition. This is why jindingtai gives priority to Huawei 4G modules confirmed by a lot of practice. With the blessing of Huawei module, jindingtai's products are more competitive in the market.

With the 5g vehicle module released by Huawei in April and the 5g industrial module released in October, jindingtai will also maintain close cooperation with Huawei and continue to further apply 5g Internet of things technology to the Internet of vehicles and IOT Internet of things industries.