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High Speed Low Power Fujitsu FRAM Embedded RFID LSI I2C 2K MB89R118C1-DIAP15-P1 Memory Chip for Asset Tracking

The MB89R118C is a vicinity type of RFID LSI device embedded with 2 Kbytes FRAM, which enables fast and frequent write operation.
• Memory capacity of 2 Kbytes FRAM (including 2000 bytes of user area)

• 8-byte/block configuration, 256 blocks
• High-speed data transmission at 26.48 kbps
• Fast command supported (data transmission at 52.97 kbps) (Transponder  Reader/Writer)
• Carrier frequency at 13.56 MHz
• Anti-collision function : 30 tags per second
• Read/Write endurance : 1012 times
FRAM Configuration
The FRAM has 2000 bytes for use as user area and 48 bytes for use as system area. The FRAM memory areas consist
of a total of 256 blocks (250 blocks of user area and 6 blocks of system area). Each block can store 64 bits (8 bytes) of data.
The block is the unit used for the writing and reading of FRAM data. The memory configuration of FRAM is shown below.
• Data retention : 10 years ( + 85 °C) , 30 years (+70 °C)
• 64-bit UID
• FRAM memory data protection
• Electronic article surveillance (EAS) command
• Transmission protocol based on ISO/IEC 15693, ISO/IEC18000-3 (Mode 1) (*)
FRAM memory configuration
Blocks “00H” to “F9H” are user area. The user area is defined as an area that can be accessed when the corresponding block address is specified. On the other hand, Blocks “FAH” to “FFH” are system area. The system area is defined as an area that can be accessed only with a specific command. The system area consists of 6 blocks and contains UID, AFI, DSFID, EAS bits, and security status (can write or cannot write) data for individual block. UID is fixed and cannot be updated. AFI, DSFID, and EAS bits are written at the factory, and can be updated and locked (disable to write) with commands (Only EAS bit cannot be locked) . As shown in above, “FAH” holds the UID, and “FCH” to “FFH” hold the security status information on individual user areas. The configuration of “FBH” to “FFH” blocks is shown below. “FBH” block is used for EAS status, AFI and DSFID data, the security status data of AFI and DSFID. “FCH” to “FFH” blocks contain block security status data. * : Reserved for future use Area Block No. Details Data read Data write User area (2000 bytes) 00H to F9H User area Yes Yes System area (48 bytes) FAH UID (64 bits) Yes No FBH AFI, DSFID, EAS,

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